Citzen Paine now ready to listen to!

It was so great to work with Paul Tibby and the cast of Citizen Paine, this is now available to download:

Filming 'Available' at home!

Another amazing filming day at home!  Working to Covid rules with Kate Perry on her comedy Script 'Available' directed by the amazing Tyrell Williams! Learning so many new tech skills!

Filming for the first time at home!

What a day! Playing Alex in 'A Little Hungover' playing opposite: Patrick Elue, an interactive film written and directed by Tyrell Williams, using ground breaking new software by Stornaway Productions! To be released in Sep 2020!

Cast as 'Harrriet' in Feminista

So excited to be playing the US character 'Harriet' in the comedy series 'Feminista' about 6 women in office meetings learning about political correctness.  Emma Frayne is attached as the director,  with Hitchcock Knot producing, due to COVID this will be filmed in August 2020.

Being the voice of Unison

Delighted to be the new voice for the Unison Commercial on ITV!

Playing an Astonaut in Dos Torres VFX film - Red Light

Signing with new agent - Red Door Management

So excited to be signed with a new agent - Red Door Management.  2020 is going to be a brilliant year!

Recording Mrs Paine in Citzen Paine

So much fun recording the role of Mrs Paine in Citizen Paine, both script and singing! Fabulous writing by the very talented Paul Tibbey.

E-learning Recording for Metro-Dynamics

Brilliant script recording an E-Learning for Metro Dynamics.

Signed with the amazing Voicefox Voice Agency!

So excited to have signed with Voicefox Voice Over Agency - here's to some amazing voice opportunities!

Table Reading of 'Retail' with Fudge Park Productions!

Amazing fun reading the brilliant script 'Retail' by Tyrell Williams -Produced by Fudge Park Productions (The InBetweeners)

Police Officer in 'Dodgy Dave'

Brilliant fun filming alongside Neil Maskell in 'Dodgy Dave' playing a 'Police Officer', directed by Charlotte Regan (BAFTA Nominated Director).  Produced by Stink Films

Business Woman & Mum 'Childline'

Just wrapped on 'Childline' playing 'Jo' -  juggling her life as a Business Woman and Mum, with a challenging relationship with her daughter, who we suspect was groomed.  Hard hitting drama, now in post-production.

'Renny' in 'Prawn'

Filming with Cathy Tyson in 'Prawn' directed by Nicola Quilter of Rocket Room Productions. A dark comedy story about someone taking revenge!

The Plough 'Angie' - survival character

Appearing as 'Angie' in 'The Plough', a mesmerising play by Isabel Dixon, about managing relationships and challenging behaviour.  

'Mrs Hoon' in the National Tour of 'Heartbeat'

I had a fantastic time on the national tour of 'Heartbeat' with David Graham Productions.  

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