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I have a unique voice, that has the power to bring every word to life in: Film, Animations & Commercials, for a variety of brands and production companies.   With a naturally warm, clear, articulate, friendly and assuring voice and a native soft Northern accent.  I have the skills to create many UK regional accents, as well as international accents (General American, Australian) and languages.

To listen to my Showreels below, please click on the Play button on the left hand side, for my full CV go to my Contact page.

Radio & Film Drama
Commercial - Elizabeth Hammond
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Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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Radio & Film - Elizabeth Hammond
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USA Drama 
Citizen Paine - Musical Radio Drama
USA Drama - Elizabeth Hammond
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Gaming - Elizabeth Hammond
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Radio Drama - Elizabeth Hammond - Unknown Artist
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Red Light Film - Rose (Astronaut)

Brand Spirit (Spanish Voice)

Unison TV Commerical

RNIB Online Commerical

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